Ours is a ‘third-generation company, founded in 1940. Adriano Piatti with the help of a few collaborators seeking, amid a thousand difficulties, to bring out his skills as a craftsman of glass.

Over the decades, the guidelines aim of ensuring high quality and process design objects incomparable have been successful, acquiring new prestigious customers in Europe where the “Made in Italy” has always been synonymous with refinement and quality.


Today, the company led by Massimo and Davide Piatti produces high quality items, from raw materials, working techniques absolutely handcrafted with extreme attention on each transaction and an almost obsessive control of every piece. These laws continue to be essential for our work.

Our company is made up of real Masters of Labor and samples of “handmade”.


Our future can only develop along the lines laid down by our tradition and our capabilities. The unbreakable will to create glasses of absolute quality, which is accompanied, however, the knowledge that the artisan product will request a more extreme customization, directly dictated by the desires and needs of the customer.

That’s why our customers can already imagine and see created the set of glasses of their own desires, until that last degree of the “measure” that is always the excellence of craft products.



Our glasses come from existing models, processed and refined to achieve high levels of quality and unique customizations.
Our glasses are the result of the wishes of our customer: the product is therefore characterized by an extreme customization, which starts from the design.


It is a ritual that is repeated as the craftmanship tradition want.. From the project to the realization with traditional tools we create the design chosen.


With skill and precision color is spread on the glass. The three steps involved in this process enhance brilliance and harmony. The glass comes to life.


The opportunity to choose among many different designs and colors, mark your glasses in a unique and unrepeatable form.